Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moms of Pendleton Project

Di was having trouble posting this so I'm posting this on her behalf:

We're looking at the end of August as a deadline for fall gifts to the Mom's of Pendleton. Any donations can be directly mailed to me:

The project is now over so I've removed the address. Thank you for all your contributions.

Items can be but are not limited to sweaters, caps, booties, socks, blankets. Anything you want to knit for a baby would be accepted and appreciated.

IMPORTANT: send the washing instructions with the articles. I have tags to pin on and can reproduce your instructions if you don't have a tag. Just put instructions on a piece of paper.

ALSO: If you want to include your name or name and address so the mom knows who took the time to knit for her baby, we welcome that info too. If you need a tax deductable receipt, I can fix that too.

We've got lots of pregnant women at Pendleton. There is a group of women in San Diego called Sew Sew and they are in the process of making crib sized quilts. Our garments will be added to the quilts and each new mom will be given a "mini layette" with as much as can be given.

This is a WONDERFUL project. I feel good knowing that I am not only supporting the troups directly with boxes of goodies, but I'm helping the wives that have to live this hell each and every day.

Please help. And many thanks to those that do.
Best Regards,


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